International Indigenous Salmon Seas Symposium

90% of wild salmon have gone extinct and Indigenous Peoples from the Salish Sea to Russia are sounding the alarm: the cumulative impact of habitat loss, pollution, overharvesting, and climate change have led salmon to the brink of extinction.

But indigenous communities are fighting back: summoning the power and practices of ancestral knowledge, and building alliances across rivers and watersheds of the three salmon seas, to defeat proposed mines and dams which act as barriers to salmon runs and stand as monuments to colonization.

Join us this Sunday for a special live-streamed program of ceremony, song, and speakers from the gathering, organized by Se’Si’Le.


"Home from School" at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

The 12th Annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is showing "Home from School: The Children of Carlisle". This film takes a compelling look into the troubled history Indian Boarding Schools from the 1880s, which used brutal tactics of assimilation on young indigenous children who had been forcebly removed from their families, communities and cultures. In the decades that followed, it was discovered that a shocking amount of these children never returned home. This powerful film documents the incredible spirit of the Northern Arapaho Tribe who, after decades of red tape and generational trauma, finally bring the children that died at these horrible schools home.

Cleveland Power of Sport Summit

Cleveland Power of Sport Summit is a community-wide initiative of Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, and will gather leaders in sport to explore new ideas, embrace differences, and enact positive change in the communities they represent. The Summit is presented by KeyBank and the FirstEnergy Foundation, and hosted by Velocity, will be a celebration of diversity, equity, and inclusion demonstrating the power of sport as a catalyst for change.

"Progressive" Field
Gate C (E 9th Street & Bolivar Road)
Cleveland , OH 44115

Ohio Celebration of Native & Veteran Heritage Powwow, May 1, 2021

You are invited to celebrate with us at our Ohio Celebration of Native and Veteran Heritage Powwow! All dancers welcome.

GRAND ENTRY: 11 a.m.

Springfield Baptist Youth Building
1920 Krumroy Road
Akron , OH 44312
Phone: 330-217-6640

Following Old Trails, and Forging New Path in the Africa-Native American Narrative, April 2, 2021

This presentation will examine a past history of  African descended people immersed in Five Native American communities. It shall examine people who were taken westward during the years of Indian Removal. This discussion involves a topic of identity, culture and belonging among both men and women. The presentation will also include methods of documenting this undertold story, and how to avoid the false narratives that often surface. This talk is part of the Indigenous Women's Series at Oberlin College.

Beading Against the Stigma: Native Culture as Prevention, March 26, 2021

Colonization has devastated Native communities resulting in poverty-stricken communities plagued with high incarceration and suicide rates. However, Native communities are actively combating these issues with culture. As a member of the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council, Iesha Phillips has been able to immerse herself in her culture and traditions. Come bead coil bracelets and/or chokers with Iesha Phillips as she discusses how she got involved in her culture and how it changed her life for the better. Questions are encouraged! This talk is part of the Indigenous Women's Series at Oberlin College.

Supporting Indigenous Communities in the time of Climate Change & Global Pandemic, March 24, 2021

In this workshop, we will discuss how climate change is impacting Indigenous communities and how these impacts have been exacerbated due to the global pandemic we are facing. We will hold space to discuss how traditional knowledge, activism, and art can be used to lead mutual aids that can support Indigenous-led community projects. We will provide a workshop that will provide tools and a guide on how to organize mutual aids, especially during these times to support BIPOC communities. This talk is part of the Indigenous Women's Series at Oberlin College.


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