To Resist Colonization...

At Cleveland AIM, our mission is to resist colonialism in all its forms by fostering self-determination and solidarity for all indigenous people throughout the Americas, irrespective of their status in the Nations, through the application of education and direct action locally. As set forth by the founders of the American Indian Movement, our mission includes:

  • securing and protecting true sovereignty for Native Nations by pursuing the fulfillment of treaty right obligations by Colonizing Nations;
  • encouraging a return to our ancestoral heritage by supporting indigenous spirituality, ceremonies, and traditional forms of worship;
  • championing solidarity and support among indigeous peoples, and freedom of association, by resisting White Supremacy, sexism and fascism wherever they are found;
  • espousing traditional cultures, values and lifestyles, and self-determination for indigenous peoples throughout the Americas;
  • urging sobriety.

by Remembering the Ancestors...

In respect for and remembrance of our ancestors we support, encourage and recommend the preservation, use, and promotion of native languages, cultures, and indigenous forms of governance for the prosperity of indigenous children and generations to come.

The ancestors require that we participate in repatriation of their stolen or otherwise misbegotten items including arrowheads, spiritual items, musical instruments, regalia, and disintered persons. Our duty to ourselves require that we prevent further theft and desecration of our ancestors by protecting their burial grounds.

Through education and activism, Cleveland AIMĀ supports the initiatives of the native nations in Ohio trying to gain recognition, and self-determination, in their own land and the burial place of their ancestors.

and Educating the Children

Finally, our mission extends to the immediate release of all indigenous political prisoners, wherever they may be found. Resistance to colonization is the duty and right of every indigenous person in the Americas; indigenous political prisoners are our current warriors and their profound examples continue to serve as a shining path of resistance to imperialism and colonialism for our children, our future warriors and activists.