March 14, 1970. BIA Office Takeovers

American Indian activists occupy the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) office in Denver, Colorado. This protest against anti-Indian employment practices was incited by an incident in Littleton, Colorado where a Native woman applied for a position as school counselor working with Indian children and was turned down despite her qualifications for the job. The two separate occupations in Littleton results in the arrest of 21 Natives, and sparks a country-wide chain reaction: 23 arrests occur in Chicago, Illinois; 12 in Alameda, California; 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and 30 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. BIA offices in Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque become scenes of Indian protests. Those arrested in Alameda are charged with failure to leave a public building. It is unclear to what extent Indians from Alcatraz are directly involved with the occupation.