31 August 2017 - AIEC Supports Robert Roche


August 31, 2017

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The American Indian Education Center (AIEC) acknowledges the unfortunate and misguided indictment of our former Executive Director and Co-Founder, Robert Roche (Chiricahua Apache). Mr. Roche has dedicated over 40 years of his life helping the Native American people through the provision of social services, community support, and socio-political activism. In addition to his accomplishments with the Center, we have witnessed his altruistic acts of providing food, transportation and shelter, and other types of support to individuals -- Native and Non-Native -- in need with his own personal funds and time. In a time when "alt-facts" and rumors have overtaken human decency and responsibility, it is everyone's duty to critically review all sides of controversial issues and make informed decisions instead of emotional reactions. We thank Robert Roche for all he has done for the AIEC and the community, and provide unwavering support to him in this trying time. Today, we re-announce that the AIEC Board of Directors had approved Robert Roche's retirement and his successor as AIEC Executive Director, Sundance (Muskogee) on June 27, 2017. Today we also reiterate that we fully support Robert Roche and look forward to his continued active involvement with the American Indian Education Center and Native American Community.

O.T. Williams
AIEC President




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