Who is Philip Yenyo?

Letter to Philip Yenyo


Letter to Philip Yenyo

Philip Yenyo, born to a Spanish Mexican mother and Hungarian father, is an Ohio activist who claims to represent the American Indian Movement in general, and the American Indian Movement of Ohio in particular. He has also claimed at various times to be Cherokee and Aztec, in a bid to co-opt indigenous activism in Ohio. While he personally has been active in the effort to pressure Cleveland Baseball to abandon its team name and logo, it should be noted that the American Indian Movement of Ohio does not exist separate from its Facebook page; it has no governing body and no membership.

In 2015, during a deposition in Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas (Roche v Yenyo CV-15-846071) it was revealed that Mr. Yenyo could provide no American Indian or Mexican Indian ancestry. In the genealogy obtained, it was also revealed that his original family name was Jenyo, and that he was of Hungarian and Spanish Mexican descent.

In a letter dated May 13, 2017,  and posted July 2017 to the Facebook page of the American Indian Education Center, the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council stated that Mr. Yenyo does not represent it, is not affiliated with A.I.M., and to cease and desist his claim of representing American Indian Movement of Ohio:

May 13, 2021

Attn: Philip J. Yenyo

Attn: American Indian Movement of Ohio

The American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council, hereby referred to as "AIMGGC", is sending this letter to serve as notice and to inform that upon receipt, The American Indian Moment [sic] of Ohio Chapter, hereby referred to as "AIM Ohio", is officially unsanctioned. This action is being taken after an official unanimous vote from AIMGGC following numerous complaints from American Indian community members, organizations and AIMGGC leadership concerning the AIM Ohio Chapter and Philip J. Yenyo. The American Indian Movement is a Spiritual Movement to protect and preserve American Indian people, communities, traditions, and cultures throughout Turtle Island. It is important that the American Indian Movement upholds [sic] respect and a good working relationship with the American Indian people and organizations in Ohio and throughout Turtle Island. The American Indian Movement highly regards, respects and honors our Traditional and Sacred Life Givers and women leadership within and surrounding the movement, and will not tolerate those who deliberately attack, slander and dishonor women. Listed below are complaints and actions taken by Philip J. Yenyo and AIM Ohio that have led to our decision:

  • Lack of communication to AIMGGC concerning AIM Ohio activities, absent Board of Directors and attendance to AIMGGC required meetings.
  • Continued verbal attacks and lateral attacks of women leadership with the AIMGGC via social media and radio shows.
  • Deliberate manipulation and attempted sabotage of the neighboring AIMTPIK Chapter events and collaborations with American Indian organizations with the region.
  • Bullying and controlling work by American Indian organizations and American Indian people throughout Turtle Island, mandating that any work must be approved and go through AIM Ohio Chapter regardless of AIM involvement.
  • Providing information and private AIMGGC business to countering groups and individuals that seek to divide and harm AIMGGC leadership and work.
  • Creating and instigating a negative approach and viewpoint to how AIM operates. Ultimately turning away support and creating a negative stigma surrounding AIM from American Indian people and organizations in the region and throughout Turtle Island.

Due to the above list complaints and actions, AIMGGC has determined that AIM Ohio is officially unsanctioned. It has also been determined that Philip J. Yenyo has no authorization from AIM National and AIMGGC to speak, act or organize on behalf of the AIMGGC or AIM National. AIM National and AIMGGC orders [sic] Philip J. Yenyo to Cease and Desist any act representing the AIMGGC. The behavior, actions and attacks taken by Philip J. Yenyo is viewed as dishonorable, divisive, and slanderous. Philip J. Yenyo has the right to appeal the decision before the AIMGGC. Philip J. Yenyo may contact AIMGGC via email at aimggcouncil@gmail.com to appeal. Any further misrepresentation or lateral attacks made by Philip J. Yenyo, regarding AIMGGC, will be considered harassment and will be followed with legal action.

American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council

[signed] Lisa Bellanger, Executive Director-AIM

[signed] Frank Paro, National President-AIM

American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council
2000 County Road B2 #130746, St Paul, MN 55113