Opening Day Demonstration 2021


Join Cleveland American Indian Movement, the Native community and our supporters as we continue our protest of Cleveland Baseball’s “Indians” team name. The time for this pending name change is long overdue. This year we hope you too will join us at “Progressive” Field on Opening Day, April 5, 2021 to send the clear message to Cleveland Baseball that the time for change has come. Borrow one of our signs, or bring your own!

"Progressive" Field
E 9th Street & Bolivar
Cleveland , OH 44113


2020 Opening Day Demonstration

Moderator's Note:
Opening Day has been postponed due to Covid-19 fears. When it has been rescheduled, we will reschedule our demonstration.

Join Cleveland American Indian Movement, our supporters, and the Native community at "Progressive" Field, 11am Thursday March 26, as we insist that Cleveland Baseball stop its exploitive use of the "Indians" team name and the racist Wahoo logo which it continues to license. 

"Progressive" Field
Gate C - E 9th Street & Bolivar
Cleveland , OH 44115


Cleveland v Atlanta 2019 demonstration

CLEVELAND, OH - Cleveland American Indian Movement, the second oldest urban AIM chapter nationally, will demonstrate outside "Progressive" Field during Cleveland Indians vs Atlanta Braves game Friday April 19, in protest of the continued use of American Indian symbols and team names in Major League Baseball.

FRIDAY, April 19 - 5pm

"Progressive" Field
E 9th Street & Bolivar (Gate C), Cleveland OH 44115


Opening Day Demonstration 2019

Join us once again as we gather at Cleveland Baseball to protest the use of the "Indians" team name and the continued licensing of the Wahoo logo. With your support we have been able to bring the exploitation of indigenous people as sports mascots to international attention. But we cannot stop here. The racist behavior that fans display at Cleveland Baseball is not a product of Wahoo, Wahoo is a product of the racism at the stadium.

"Progressive" Field
E. 9th Street & Bolivar Gate C
Cleveland , OH


Opening Day Demonstration 2018

Come join us this year at "Progressive" Field as we continue our campaign against the Cleveland Baseball team name and Wahoo logo. Major League Baseball announced last month that Wahoo will be retired next year (not soon enough and nearly a half-century late). Help us keep the pressure on Cleveland and MLB until they abolish the team name and stop licensing, selling and displaying the Wahoo logo. We are people, not mascots! We meet two hours before game time, under the trees just north of Bob Feller statue. Bring a sign, make one, or use one of ours.
"Progressive" Field
E 9th Street & Bolivar Road (Gate C)
Cleveland , OH 44115
Phone: 216-533-7423


March 5 - CALL TO ACTION - Fountain of the Pioneers, Kalamazoo MI

Friends of MCARSM,

Please Sign/Comment & Share this petition to remove the Fountain of the Pioneers from the City of Kalamazoo’s town square. It has been protested since its dedication in 1940.

The city commission will be deciding the fate of this deteriorating symbol of Native oppression on Monday, March 5 at Kalamazoo City Hall.

Kalamazoo City Hall
241 W South Street
Kalamazoo , MI 49007

Rally Protesting Genocide of Rohingya in Burma

Flyer for Rally in Support of Peace in Burma.


Muslim community and our partners are organizing a rally to protest the Burma military’s genocidal attacks on the Rohingya people.

The Rohingya are indigenous people of Burma living in their ancestral lands.

Their citizenship was revoked in 1982 by a military regime. The UN consider the Rohingya to be the world’s most persecuted people.

Terminal Tower
50 Public Square
Cleveland , OH


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