Chiapas Media Project (C.M.P.)

Founded in 1998, Chiapas Media Project was an award-winning partnership to enable marginalized indigenous communities in Southern Mexico to create their own media by providing video equipment and training. CMP collaborated closely with autonomous Zapatista communities, and in particular, with indigenous youth with little to no formal education. Often working without reliable electricity, these communities have produced videos on women's collectives, autonomous education, agricultural collectives, fair trade coffee, traditional healing and their history of struggle.

Santa Elena Project of Accompaniment (S.E.P.A.)

Founded in 1997, SEPA is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation in Ohio exclusively for the charitable and educational purpose of supporting human rights work in the Guatemalan Mayan communities of Santa Elena and Copal AA. In addition, SEPA informs North Americans about conditions in Guatemala through educational outreach, public presentations, and delegations to Guatemala. Through various fundraisers, SEPA raises money to support self-directed infrastructure programs and to prevent human rights violations in these communities; 90% of all funds directly support projects in Guatemala.

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