U.S. Commission On Civil Rights (2001)

Statement of U.S. Commission On Civil Rights
On The Use Of Native American Images And
Nicknames As Sports Symbols - 04/16/01


THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2012 — 1pm
"Progressive" Field — E. 9th Street, Gate C (100 feet north of the Bob Feller Statue on the grass area)

Since 1973, Cleveland A.I.M. has repeatedly objected to the degrading, racist depictions of Native people by Cleveland Baseball by demonstrating at every Opening Day. We continue to insist that Cleveland Baseball abolish it use of the clearly bigoted, racist, and shameful “Indians” team name, logos, and mascot “Chief Wahoo”.


Wa-WHO? Nothing Is Sacred
A film by filmmaker Dennis K. Adkins & Cleveland A.I.M.

American Indian Movement Cleveland is pleased to announce a documentary exploring the struggles of native people in Cleveland, and how Cleveland Baseball and its "Chief Wahoo" logo affects the community. This documentary took over a year to film.

2011 Opening Day Silent Demonstration

April 1, 2011

Our fight for basic Dignity and Human Rights in Cleveland is ongoing. Since 1973, Cleveland AIM has demonstrated against racism by Cleveland Baseball and its degrading depictions of native people in its team name and logo. In 1972, we filed a libel and slander lawsuit against Cleveland Baseball; in 1995 we again had to sue Cleveland Baseball and Gateway Corp for interfering with our right to simply speak on public property!

Why Educators Can't Ignore Indian Mascots

Today, as a teacher educator, I show future teachers why Indian mascots are one cause for low self-esteem in Indigenous children. This is the point where this issue becomes detrimental to the academic achievement of students in school. Children begin to learn the cultural stereotypes about race during the preschool years. These stereotypes provide the basis for race schemas that influence cognitive processing of social information. So why do some teachers allow their students to uncritically adopt a cartoon version of Indigenous cultures through the use of a mascot portrayed by sports teams?


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