Why Educators Can't Ignore Indian Mascots

Today, as a teacher educator, I show future teachers why Indian mascots are one cause for low self-esteem in Indigenous children. This is the point where this issue becomes detrimental to the academic achievement of students in school. Children begin to learn the cultural stereotypes about race during the preschool years. These stereotypes provide the basis for race schemas that influence cognitive processing of social information. So why do some teachers allow their students to uncritically adopt a cartoon version of Indigenous cultures through the use of a mascot portrayed by sports teams?

NAACP Mascot Resolutions (November 1999)

Resolutions Submitted Under Article X, Section 2, of the NAACP

5. In Opposition to Native American Mascots
[Champaign, Ill, Branch]

...THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the national NAACP call upon all members and friends to refrain from purchasing items with Native American sports team logos and cross out such logos on merchandise already in their possession; and

NAACP Mascot Resolution (April 1999)


Whereas, the National NAACP is committed to caring for and affirming the gifts of all people, with special regard to those oppressed or disenfranchised on the basis of race, national origin, and cultural origin; and

NCAI Mascot Resolution (1993)

National Congress of American Indians

(Est 1944)

Adopted by the Executive Council at the Mid-Year Meeting of the National Congress of American Indians, June 28-30, 1993.

Denouncement of the Use of any American Indian Name or Artifice Associated With Team Mascots by any Professional/Non-professional Sport Teams


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