Day of the Dead

The annual days of celebration to honor the ancestors.

Throughout Turtle Island, indigenous people have traditionally honored the dead during those days when the door to the spirit world is open. In the modern era October 31st marks the beginning of this time which ends November 2nd.

Indigenous Peoples' Day Service of Reconciliation (Oberlin)

Settler colonialism brought genocide, disease, and heartbreak to indigenous populations. It also brought a form of Christianity which sought to obliterate the spirituality of indigenous people with forced conversions and threat of death. Truth-telling is the beginning of reconciliation. This service is one small part of addressing this history and legacy in our nation.

Peace Community Church
44 E Lorain Street
Oberlin , OH
Phone: 440-221-0036

Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration (Oberlin)

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day
Tappan Square
Main Street & College Street
Oberlin , OH


Reinterment of Eiden Remains (PRIVATE)

We are happy to announce reinterment of 46 ancestors on their original land.

This is a private, invitation-only event.

Solidarity & Remembrance Vigil New Year's Eve

Monday, December 31, 2012 - 14:00 to 17:00
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