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March 14, 1970. BIA Office Takeovers

American Indian activists occupy the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) office in Denver, Colorado. This protest against anti-Indian employment practices was incited by an incident in Littleton, Colorado where a Native woman applied for a position as school counselor working with Indian children and was turned down despite her qualifications for the job.

March 23, 1970. BIA Office Takeovers

At the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) office in Alameda, California approximately 50 American Indian activists protest job discrimination in addition to other grievances. Approximately 30 Indians occupy the BIA offices and eventually 12 are arrested, including five from the earlier action at Alcatraz Island.

April 2, 1970. Re-occupation of Fort Lawton

American Indian Movement activists join with local Seattle-area Native activists and members of "Indians of All Tribes" to storm the east gate at Fort Lawton, an active U.S. Army Reserve base in northwest Seattle, and re-enter the post. April 2 is the same date scheduled for the preliminary hearings of the Indian activists who attempted to repossess Fort Lawton on March 8 and March 15.

Trial of dictator Rios-Montt - Message from SEPA (March 2013)

Friends, For those of you who are interested in Guatemala and know of the work of SEPA, (Santa Elena Project of Accompaniment), there is a remarkable human rights trial that began this past Tuesday [March 19, 2013 -moderator]. SEPA is currently providing funding for an "accompanier" to be with endangered families of victims who are testifying.

Idle No More - PRESS RELEASE December 2012

Idle No More began with 4 women, Nina Wilson, Sheelah Mclean, Sylvia McAdam and Jessica Gordon, sharing a vision of bringing together all people to ensure we create ways of protecting Mother Earth, her lands, waters and people. The women began discussing the possible impacts that some of the legislation would carry if people do not do something. It became very evident that the women MUST do something about the colonial, unilateral and paternalistic legislation being pushed through the Government of Canada’s parliamentary system.

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