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Chiapas Media Project

A project of the Americas Media Initiative. Founded in 1998, Chiapas Media Project was an award-winning partnership to enable marginalized indigenous communities in Southern Mexico to create their own media by providing video equipment and training. Chiapas Media Project collaborated closely with autonomous Zapatista communities, and in particular, with indigenous youth with little to no formal education.

Events for October 2016

Ohio Historical Society is seeking a Project Manager for possible World Heritage sites in Ohio. Many sites like Serpent Mound and other so-called "Hopewell" sites will be included, and as World Heritage sites they will receive much attention, money, and tourism. As this project is being negotiated, having a Native person or an ally at the helm could ensure that indigenous perspectives are given more weight. Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.

Events for September 2016

This month Cleveland American Indian Movement is pleased to announce the reinterment of ancestors from the Engle-Eiden site in Lorain County. This private ceremony will see 46 ancestors laid to rest on their original land, where they will be protected and remain undisturbed. We thank all involved who have made this momentous occasion possible, and who have helped us fulfill our commitment to these ancestors.


Events for August 2016

TREMONT POWWOW - August 13, 1pm-6pm
Lincoln Park (W 14th Street between Kenilworth and Starkweather Avenues), Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland

Dancing, drumming and food at this mini-powwow sponsored by the American Indian Education Center and Cleveland AIM. Free and open to the public. Join us in the park for this afternoon event.

'Progressive' Field (E 9th Street and Bolivar), Cleveland

Race, Food and Justice Conference 2014

Analyzing the Urban Food Movement through a Social Justice Lens


Presented by Environmental Health Watch, in collaboration with Rid-All Green Partnership, and Case Western Reserve University Social Justice Institute.

November 9, 1969. Repossession of Alcatraz Island

Fourteen American Indian activists re-occupy Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay and symbolically reclaim the island for Indian people, offering to purchase the island for $24 worth of glass beads and red cloth. On November 20, the symbolic dissent on Alcatraz Island turns into a full-scale re-occupation that lasts until June 11, 1971.

March 8, 1970. Re-occupation of Fort Lawton

American Indian Movement activists join with local Seattle-area Native activists and members of "Indians of All Tribes" to re-enter Fort Lawton, an active U.S. Army Reserve base in northwest Seattle, on March 8, 1970. Federal authorities serve eviction notices to the activists. The U.S.