OPENING DAY PROTEST 2013 at Cleveland Baseball

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Our annual event protesting Cleveland Baseball's use of "Chief Wahoo" logo and "Indians" team name. Since 1973, we have repeatedly objected to the degrading, racist depictions of Native people by Cleveland Baseball by demonstrating at every Opening Day. We continue to insist that Cleveland Baseball abolish it use of the clearly bigoted, racist, and shameful “Indians” team name and the despicable “Chief Wahoo" logo.

NAACP Mascot Resolutions (November 1999)

printed in The New Crisis: Magazine of Opportunities and Ideas
November/December 1999 (vol. 107 no. 6)

Resolutions Submitted Under Article X, Section 2, of the NAACP

5. In Opposition to Native American Mascots
[Champaign, Ill, Branch]

...THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the national NAACP call upon all members and friends to refrain from purchasing items with Native American sports team logos and cross out such logos on merchandise already in their possession; and

Racist shirt from the rapper Layzie Bone that must be taken down!

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Click on the link above and you will see a picture of a Chief Wahoo shirt that has Chief Wahoo smoking a joint and it says "Chiefin in my Wahoo." You can buy that shirt at this website http://www.howsecollection.com/
but apparently it is sold out so that just shows how sad people really are. This shirt comes in different colors, those colors include red, blue, and white.

NCAI Mascot Resolution (1993)


National Congress of American Indians (Est 1944)

Adopted by the Executive Council at the Mid-Year Meeting of the National Congress of
American Indians, June 28-30, 1993.

Denouncement of the Use of any American Indian Name or Artifice Associated With
Team Mascots by any Professional/Non-professional Sport Teams

UND Native medical students resolution opposing "Fighting Sioux" (1999)

University of North Dakota
School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Indians into Medicine Program Tribal Board
Resolution Number 99-1

WHEREAS: The Indians into Medicine Program was established in 1973 at the University
of North Dakota as a means of providing American Indian health
professionals to meet American Indian health needs, and INMED has
become the country's foremost support program for the training of Indian
health professionals; and


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