Tickets on sale now for NY Concert for Leonard Peltier

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Greetings Friends and supporters, the concert for Leonard is now a reality, Friday Dec. 14th. 2012. And to show our thanks the promoter has allowed us to offer you the first chance to purchase your ticket. If you got to the site below you will be able to pre-purchase your ticket. I hope that you all enjoy this concert and continue to work for Leonard's freedom.

Paulette National office

Call to Action - NOV 2012: Lancaster PA (USA)

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WHEN: Friday, November 23, 2012
WHERE: Southern Lancaster, PA (USA)

I represent American Indian Movement Lancaster PA. We have been with no success trying to stop Native American burial site in which thousands of Native American bones have been unlawfully removed. We will uphold an encampment to assure absolutely NO more building will happen on this land.

Racist shirt from the rapper Layzie Bone that must be taken down!

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Click on the link above and you will see a picture of a Chief Wahoo shirt that has Chief Wahoo smoking a joint and it says "Chiefin in my Wahoo." You can buy that shirt at this website
but apparently it is sold out so that just shows how sad people really are. This shirt comes in different colors, those colors include red, blue, and white.

22 March 2012 - Opening Day Demonstration 2012



[CLEVELAND,OH] - Join the American Indian community, our supporters, and the Cleveland American Indian Movement in the continuing fight in Cleveland for dignity as people. Organizers declare that the Cleveland “Indians” team name, logos, and mascot “Chief Wahoo” are clearly bigoted, racist, and shameful. Pursuant to the findings of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, organizers insist that Cleveland Baseball abolish their use.

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