Feature Update: Added Event Calendaring, Dec 2012

We are adding a calendaring system to display event information in one central location and on a month-by-month basis. The content we will include will only be content directly related to Cleveland American Indian Movement.

Feature Update: Added News Syndication, Oct 2012

We are adding syndicated news content fetched from other websites this month. The news items will change regularly as we are gathering news content and images from external news sites around the Internet.

Update to Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Oct 2012

We made modifications to the Website Privacy Policy and the Website Terms of Use, Rules and Guidelines, and will continue to make minor changes throughout the month of October. Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with these documents.

Forums Undergoing Modification, Sept 2012

Our Forums are undergoing modification and we hope that when completed this will allow posters an easy time creating topics. We had to remove anonymous posting because, even with moderator approval, we were still hit fairly frequently by spambots.


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