UPDATE: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Jan 2021

We made modifications to the website Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with these documents.

UPDATE: RSS Feeds, March 2019

We had some issues with updates to RSS feeds failing; specifically feeds from Native News Today, and NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY / INDIAN COUNTRY TV. These RSS feeds are broken, and may never again be functional. Sorry for any inconvenience. We have added many new feeds to offset this loss.

UPDATE: RSS Feeds, May 2016

We had some issues with updates to RSS feeds failing. These problems have been solved, but there exists some gaps in RSS coverage for some feeds. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: Terms of Use, April 2016

We made modifications to the Website Terms of Use, Rules and Guidelines, and will continue to make minor changes to that webpage throughout the month of May. Additional guidelines have been established for user accounts, and now appear in the Terms of Use.

FEATURE: New Account Structure, Oct 2015

We are changing the way the accounts are organized on the website, with the addition of a profile structure which will exist separately from (but in conjunction with) user accounts. The current account system is organized in such a way as to expose some otherwise private information on the account registration page; this is a serious error that the new structure will address.

FEATURE: New Media Asset Handling, May 2013

We are changing the way images and other media assets are handled by this website. We hope that will make it easier for content creators to insert images and video into the webpages they create. This change will allow both uploaded content and content resourced from other websites (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.) to be managed and reused, seamlessly we hope.

FEATURE: Page Forwarding, Jan 2013

We have added the ability to forward pages from the website by email to family & friends (etc.). We hope this feature is utilized by interested people rather than abused by spambots. In keeping with this, we have limited the number of forwards per hour to 10, in hopes that this feature will not be abused. We are not capturing email addresses of recipients of this service.


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