Opening Day Demonstration 2019 is 4 weeks away!

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GO! "Tribe"
(and we mean that!)

Join us once again as we gather at Cleveland Baseball to protest the use of the "Indians" team name and the Wahoo logo.

"Progressive" Field
E. 9th Street & Bolivar (Gate C)
— April 1, 1:00pm

With your support we have been able to bring the exploitation of indigenous people as sports mascots to international attention. In response, Major League Baseball announced in November 2018 that it had struck a gentleman's agreement with Cleveland Baseball, recognizing that Wahoo is "no longer appropriate" for on-field use.

But we cannot stop here... a gentleman's agreement is not enough! Wahoo continues to be licensed for off-field use, and the franchise continues to exploit indigenous people by using the "Indians" moniker. Make no mistake, friends, the racist behavior that fans display at the baseball stadium is not a product of Wahoo — Wahoo is a product of the racist behavior at the stadium!

We meet two hours before game time, under the trees just north of Bob Feller statue. Bring a sign, make one, or use one of ours.

We are people, not mascots!

You can find more about this and other events at our website:

Cleveland American Indian Movement
PO Box 34134
Cleveland, OH 44134
(216) 533-7423