Solidarity & Remembrance Vigil New Year's Eve

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We are inviting you to a solidarity vigil for the Idle No More movement
that in the last few weeks have mobilized First Nations and other
Indigenous people across Canada and around the globe. Growing out
of the wishes of four women, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, Idle No
More calls for unity in the resistance to continuing colonization in
Canada, and asserts that Canadian Bill C-45 (and others) is an
unconstitutional and neo-colonial attempt to take away sovereignty
of First Nations peoples and their inherent right to land and re-
sources. We encourage all people, Indigenous or otherwise, young
and old, to come and show solidarity for creating healthy sustain-
able communities in First Nations Lands and across Canada.

We will also have a remembrance vigil for Russell Means, founder
of Cleveland A.I.M. who went to the spirit world in October of 2012.
An eloquent warrior, Russell Means tirelessly advocated for
Indigenous rights and resistance to Colonization.

This is a pot-luck event. Please bring something to share.

American Indian Education Center
2303 Brookpark Road (between W. 24th Street & Broadview Road)
Parma, Ohio — view map.

Monday, 31 December 2012, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST

We welcome diversity.

For more information about Idle No More, visit their website at