UND Native law students oppose "Fighting Sioux" (1997)


University of North Dakota
School of Law

November 13, 1997

Mr. Kendall Baker
University of North Dakota
PO Box 8193
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8193

Dear President Baker:

The members of the UND Native American Law Students Association wish to express our support for changing the Indian head logo and the "Fighting Sioux" nickname of the University of North Dakota.

It is part of our organizational mission to recruit and retain Native Americans to the UND School of Law. We are convinced that the continued use of the logo and nickname present an impediment to the accomplishment of our mission.

UND's Code of Student Life states that the UND community is dedicated to respecting the past and present of the American Indian. We do not feel that the UND logo and nickname are serving the purpose intended. We feel that the use of the logo and nickname have a detrimental effect on diversity.

While we understand the position you are in, we believe that in order for the UND community to truly show respect for the Native American people [sic] as intended, the logo and nickname must be changed.

Lola Agard, President
Native American Law Students Association

Jason McCarthy, Secretary
Native American Law Students Association

Mr. Larry Issak, Chancellor, North Dakota University System
Mr. J. Davis, Dean, UND School of Law
North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
Dakota Student