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Trial of dictator Rios-Montt - Message from SEPA (March 2013)

Friends, For those of you who are interested in Guatemala and know of the work of SEPA, (Santa Elena Project of Accompaniment), there is a remarkable human rights trial that began this past Tuesday [March 19, 2013 -moderator]. SEPA is currently providing funding for an "accompanier" to be with endangered families of victims who are testifying. To read about this trial and the history behind it, we would encourage you to go to The Google newsfeed box on the homepage offers you up to date accounts of courtroom proceedings from a variety of news sources. The trial is about this: Guatemala's former dictator Rios-Montt is charged with genocide and crimes against humanity stemming from the killings that happened in the early 1980s. Seventeen hundred indigenous Guatemalans - the Maya Ixil people - died during one of the bloodiest periods of the country's three-decade-long war, a war that ultimately claimed more than 200,000 lives. At the time the U.S.-backed strongman, Ephraim Rios-Montt, ruled the country. Those of you who have contributed to SEPA in any way, can see how your financial donations and in kind work supports SEPA's involvement in bringing justice and closure to Guatemalans whose lives have been so affected by the war in their country. Sincerely, SEPA Board of Directors Marty Buck, Mary Anne Cunningham, Barbara Fuchsman, William Fuchsman, John Gates, Judy Kruger, Judy Riggle, Sue Simonson, and Lori Taylor.
received by email 3/24/2013

Dear Friends of SEPA, SEPA recently received another letter from SEPA sponsored human rights accompanier Erik Woodward. He writes about the current trial of Gen. Efrain Rios Montt. His words are very powerful. You may read Erik's letter online as well as SEPA's annual report. Both are also attached below.
received by email 3/31/2013