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AFN Statement of Unity: In Honour of our Peoples and Our Land, December 2012

The following statement was adopted unanimously by Chiefs in Assembly December 6, 2012. We, the original peoples of Turtle Island hereby assert our sovereignty as Nations, entrusted to us by the Creator, As First Nations peoples, we are guided by principles of peace, harmony and respect; we are also bestowed with the responsibility by the Creator to defend our territories, including traditional and Treaty lands, We have maintained these principles despite the imposition of illegal government legislation and policies against our citizens, In solidarity, we categorically reject the assimilation and termination policies used by the government of Canada against our nations and our citizens and, We support the participation of all First Nations peoples in decision-making processes that impact our inherent and treaty rights, We unconditionally reject any Canadian or provincial legislation, policies, or processes that impact our lands, air, waters and resources which have not obtained our free, prior, and informed consent, In order to ensure economic stability and protection of our environment, development projects or any other initiatives that may impact our Nations requires our full and inclusive participation and our free, prior and informed consent, To protect the integrity of our treaty and inherent rights, we hereby put the Government of Canada on notice that any further imposition of legislation and/or policies will be met with appropriate measures, We formally call upon our citizens – our men, youth, women, elders, warriors and all other allies – to unify and support one another during this time of attacks on our governments and nations, The First Nation Chiefs in Assembly, from this day forward, declare unity and resolve to forcefully defend our lands, territories, peoples and jurisdiction.
Again, I thank all those who took time away from their families and communities to join us for the Special Chiefs Assembly. It is this participation that is essential in driving the work forward – this work, the important and difficult work to achieve change for this generation and the next. I wish everyone all the best over the holiday season. Please enjoy time with family and friends. Kleco, Kleco!
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