Racist shirt from the rapper Layzie Bone that must be taken down!

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Click on the link above and you will see a picture of a Chief Wahoo shirt that has Chief Wahoo smoking a joint and it says "Chiefin in my Wahoo." You can buy that shirt at this website http://www.howsecollection.com/
but apparently it is sold out so that just shows how sad people really are. This shirt comes in different colors, those colors include red, blue, and white.

That website has merchandise/clothing being sold by the rapper Layzie Bone. On Facebook I already have somebody asking me what AIM is doing about it or plans on doing.


Posted the image here

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The shirt says:
"Chiefin' in my Wahoo..."

Racist shirt by Rapper Layzie Bone
The shirt reads: "Chiefin' in my Wahoo".... stick to ya day job son!


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Thanks that is exactly what I am talking about. Stuff like this is a shame and it's really sad knowing that people find this cool and then they get upset when Indian people find it offensive.