Petition Update

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Hello All,

Sundance and I spoke awhile back but I've been slow following up with a post on this forum. I'm also sorry that I haven't been able to make it to any of the stadium protests or meetings-- (I live in Columbus and I haven't been back up to Cleveland in a few months.) The petition on* has reached over 11,000 signatures, but I think there is still room for a lot more growth. In addition to the signatures, there is also a comments section where people can elaborate on their reason for signing-- when converted to PDF, the comments section is a few hundred pages! People have said some really thoughtful and encouraging things.

In the past few days, I've also taken to social media to try to connect the Cleveland Indians name/logo problem with the more national conversation about the Washington Redskins. I've also tried to post news updates on the petition site whenever something newsworthy happens (positive or negative) such as Cleveland baseball fans showing up to the wildcard game in redface, for which they received pretty negative national attention.

As far as the next step, there are a lot of possibilities. I haven't officially "delivered" the petition to any groups yet. The three main categories of groups Sundance and I talked about delivering the petition to are 1) the team and the league, 2) sponsors, and 3) media outlets. We could do this digitally, by mail, or in person, and it could be accompanied by anything from a letter to a demonstration.

As we move forward, I hope we can coordinate so that the petition can be as useful as possible to Cleveland AIM. Hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you in person soon. Until then, I'm happy to talk to all of you on this forum, by email, or on the phone.


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