Opening Day Demonstration 2021


Join Cleveland American Indian Movement, the Native community and our supporters as we continue our protest of Cleveland Baseball’s “Indians” team name. The time for this pending name change is long overdue, and the Cleveland franchise’s continued use of this moniker, after admitting that it caused harm in the Native community, is shameful and criminal.

For the last half-century, Cleveland AIM has been the leader pressuring Cleveland Baseball to change its “Wahoo” logo and its “Indians” team name. Each Opening Day — for the last fifty years in fact — we demonstrate at the baseball stadium in Cleveland to expose the systemic racism at the center of culture in northeast Ohio. At each Opening Day we move a step closer to realizing the ambitions of the original founders of the American Indian Movement in Cleveland.

As we have been successful in recent years in our efforts to rid the community of the despicable, racist Indian-head caracature “Wahoo”, we are undeterred by the backroom politicking of the Cleveland franchise with a handful of misguided “representatives” in an effort by the franchise to reap more profit from exploitation of the “indians” team name. In the more than five decades of protest against “genocide by racism in sports” and struggle for our human rights against the discrimination, bigotry, White Supremacy, systemic and functional racism, and colonization necessary to maintain the status quo the American Indian community in northeast Ohio has never agreed to Cleveland Baseball's exploitation, so why would we start now? This shameful narrative of racism woven for more than a century by Cleveland Baseball and their dupes, to silence the voice of dissent in the Native community, must end.

This year we hope you too will join us at “Progressive” Field on Opening Day, April 5, 2021 to send the clear message to Cleveland Baseball that the time for change has come. Borrow one of our signs, or bring your own!

TIME OF THIS EVENT IS CURRENTLY TBD. Please check back later when accurate information becomes available.


Monday, April 5, 2021 - 2:00pm
"Progressive" Field
E 9th Street & Bolivar
Cleveland , OH 44113

Cleveland American Indian Movement