2020 Opening Day Demonstration

Moderator's Note:
Opening Day has been postponed due to Covid-19 fears. When it has been rescheduled, we will reschedule our demonstration.

Join Cleveland American Indian Movement, our supporters, and the Native community at "Progressive" Field, 11am Thursday March 26, as we insist that Cleveland Baseball stop its exploitive use of the "Indians" team name and the racist Wahoo logo which it continues to license. 

Since 1970, Cleveland A.I.M. has been the vanguard of anti-racist action on behalf of indigenous peoples in NE Ohio. In 1972, we filed a libel and slander lawsuit against Cleveland Baseball for its use of the "Indians" team name and "Wahoo" logo. Since 1973, Cleveland A.I.M. has repeatedly objected to the degrading, racist depictions of Native people by Cleveland Baseball by demonstrating at every Opening Day.

Our nearly half-century-long battle for dignity continues. This year we hope you will join us in the continuing fight against racism in Cleveland. Together we will send the message that racism against any one of us is racism against all of us. Borrow one of our signs, or bring your own.




Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 11:00am to 1:30pm
"Progressive" Field
Gate C - E 9th Street & Bolivar
Cleveland , OH 44115

Cleveland American Indian Movement