Opening Day Demonstration 2017

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Since 1973, Cleveland American Indian Movement has repeatedly objected to the degrading,racist depictions of Native people by Cleveland Baseball by demonstrating at every Opening Day. We continue to insist that Cleveland Baseball abolish it use of the clearly racist, exploitative and shameful “Indians” team name and the bigoted, despicable “Chief Wahoo” logo.

Marketing a flamboyant wrong for the sake of profit means that Cleveland's civic pride rests upon racial humiliation and degradation, not “honor”. Isn't 100 years enough?

This year we hope you will join the Native community, our supporters, and Cleveland American Indian Movement in the continuing fight against racism in Cleveland and northeast Ohio. We typically gather 2 hours before game time and break around opening pitch. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Together we will send the message that racism against one is racism against everyone!

"Progressive" Field
E 9th Street & Bolivar Street (Gate C)
Cleveland, OH 44115
41.497473 , -81.684835


Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 2:00pm
"Progressive" Field
E 9th Street & Bolivar Road (Gate C)
Cleveland , OH
Cleveland American Indian Movement