2016 Opening Day Demonstration Rescheduled

Dear Friends and Supporters:

First, many thanks to those who joined us at the stadium today for the 2016 Opening Day Demonstration. We appreciate your support in this struggle and your commitment even during the inclement weather we had today. As many of you know, Cleveland Baseball postponed the season opener until tomorrow. Yet, the weather at the stadium promises to be more of the same, and though technically the temperature will rise above freezing at the warmest part of the day, tomorrow's game is likely to be postponed as well so I would prefer not to subject everyone again to that numbing experience.

During our brief foray at the stadium, an unexpected turn of events occurred. Many of you will remember the photograph that went viral in 2014 depicting Robert Roche of the American Indian Education Center engaged with a fan in head-dress and face-paint. This year Mr. Rodriguez, the aforementioned fan, stopped by to apologize for his 25 years of ignorance explaining that he was naive and never meant to be insensitive to Native peoples. We appreciate his courage, and his openness to change.

2016 Opening Day Demonstration has been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 6 -- 4PM to 6:15PM. Temperatures should be much warmer, but Cleveland is changeable so please remember to dress accordingly. This is an evening game so plenty of time to swing by the stadium and show us your support on your way home from work!

WHERE: "Progressive" Field
E 9th Street and Bolivar, Cleveland
Under the trees 100 ft north of Bob Feller statue.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 6 2016
4:00PM - 6:15PM