Thank you for your interest in our Speaker's Bureau. We are willing to travel extensively, both domestically, and internationally, to meet people's needs. We ask for an honorarium to assist in our fundraising, as well as the covering of all expenses. We establish this on a case-by-case basis, considering many factors, such as purpose of engagement, and amount of travel. Please contact us for rates. The issues we are able to cover include the following:

  • The American Indian Movement, 1968-PRESENTA reaction to the numerous U. S. government programs directed at Indians, and designed to socially deconstruct Indian communities, as well as Indian sovereignty. Out of the Indian ghettos came men and women, mostly ex-convicts, who committed to take a stand. Like a hurricane, the tumultuous events that followed have re-written Indian history. As with many liberation organizations, AIM has had it's splinters and fractures. From Alcatraz, to Wounded Knee, to the Longest Walk, and beyond.
  • U.S. Policy of Genocide Toward Indigenous PeopleBoarding Schools Adoptions and Sweeps Sterilization
  • U.S. Attacks on the Sovereignity of Native Peoples Pine Ridge, Oneida Forced Removals of the Oneida, Dine', Danns Peoples
  • International Indigenous Issues CANADA: Gustaffsen Lake, Oka, Kanesatahge MEXICO: Zapatistas GUATEMALA: Civil war
  • Native Political Prisoners Leonard Peltier Manuel Redwoman Eddie Hatcher Red Carpitcher, and others
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Wards of the state Who is an Indian Cobell lawsuit, 15 billion dollars stolen
  • Indian Head Mascots Wahoo, and others Cleveland AIM filed first lawsuit in 1972
  • Indigenous Health Issues Addiction as a weapon Diet, traditional vs imposed Diabetes Heart Disease Suicide Rate
  • Christopher Columbus Italian? Mass Murder and Genocide Why AIM Opposes Columbus Day
  • American Indian Tradition and Culture Efforts to retain and protect spirituality and culture Native American Church