American Jewish Committee Statement on Team Names (1998)



Whereas it is the mission of the American Jewish Committee to combat bigotry
and promote intergroup relations, and;

Whereas the use of racial or ethnic stereotypes in the names, nicknames, or
titles of business, professional, sport or other public entitles [sic] is frequently
demeaning, whether intended as such or not;

Whereas demeaning symbols create an environment in which degrading acts
become more acceptable;

Whereas many teams still sport names such as "Indians," "Braves," "Redskins,"
"Chiefs," "Redmen," etc.;

Whereas such names are degrading and promote practices that trivialize and
demean people and religious beliefs and symbols;

THEREFORE the American Jewish Committee deplores and opposes the use of
racial or ethnic stereotypes in the names or titles of business, professional,
sport or their public entitles [sic] when the affected group has not chosen the name
itself. The AJC resolves to encourage such entities to end their use of offending

Adopted April 28, 1993 by the Anti-Semitism Subcommittee of the National
Affairs Commission, endorsed by the National Affairs Steering Committee on
June 21, 1993.
Tabled at the National Affairs Commission on June 28, 1993. Readopted by the
Anti-Semitism Committee on November 5, 1997 and by the Civil Rights
Committee on November 24, 1997. Passed by the National Affairs Commission
March 16, 1998.

Ken Stern,
American Jewish Committee;
Jacob Blaustein Building | 165 East 56 Street | New York, NY 10022 | (212)