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In Honor of Indigenous People: Why ‘Columbus Day’ must be replaced (2021)

In Honor of Indigenous People
Why ‘Columbus Day’ must be replaced


Events for August 2017

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Events for October 2016

Ohio Historical Society is seeking a Project Manager for possible World Heritage sites in Ohio. Many sites like Serpent Mound and other so-called "Hopewell" sites will be included, and as World Heritage sites they will receive much attention, money, and tourism. As this project is being negotiated, having a Native person or an ally at the helm could ensure that indigenous perspectives are given more weight. Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.

Leonard's Indigenous Day Speech, 2012

Greetings my relatives and friends, supporters!

Why Educators Can't Ignore Indian Mascots (2000)

Today, as a teacher educator, I show future teachers why Indian mascots are one cause for low self-esteem in Indigenous children. This is the point where this issue becomes detrimental to the academic achievement of students in school. Children begin to learn the cultural stereotypes about race during the preschool years. These stereotypes provide the basis for race schemas that influence cognitive processing of social information. So why do some teachers allow their students to uncritically adopt a cartoon version of Indigenous cultures through the use of a mascot portrayed by sports teams?

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