Russell Means, Founder of Cleveland A.I.M., Will Be Missed

Russell Means

Russell Means a friend, patriot, activist, educator, author, actor, model, father and most famous "baddest" Indian in this century. Russ, a friend since 1969, went to the spirit world at 4 a.m. Monday morning, 22 October 2012.
-Robert Roche

Thousands mourned the passing Monday of Russell Means, the Oglala Sioux who the New York Times called “arguably the nation’s best-known Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse."

Link to article from The Buffalo Post: Activist, actor Russell Means dead at 72.

Russ has been my friend for 40 years. He and I were thrust together to face the federal charges against us after Wounded Knee. It was an attempt to destroy the American Indian Movement and break the back of Indian resistance. We were tried together in federal court. With all the indictments, we were facing 250 years of imprisonment and two life sentences. I think because of being tried together, we were drawn together. From then on we had a bond together that solidified. He has always been an articulate speaker and leader and even when we met, he was speaking for the Oglala people and I was speaking for the American Indian Movement.

Link to Dennis Banks' comments on Native News Network: Dennis Banks Comments on Russell Means, George McGovern & Presidential Election.