We have a few on-going campaigns and projects. We are always in need of volunteers and people of conscience to help us organize and carry-out our campaigns.

Campaign for Dignity

Status: ON-GOING

For four decades the Cleveland American Indian Movement has strongly denounced Cleveland Baseball's use of Native references as bigoted, racist and shameful. Since 1972 we have called for the immediate retirement of the team name “Indians” and the dead-Indian-head logo “Chief Wahoo” due to their offensive nature as symbols of genocide and White Supremacy. For forty years Cleveland Baseball has disregarded our demands they STOP TEACHING OUR CHILDREN RACISM... in an effort to make a buck! During this time a great number of organizations including the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.), National College Athletics Association (N.C.A.A.), many Indian Nations and Native peoples, the General Assembly of the United Nations, and a host of others have voiced their concerns and the opinion that these degrading images are harmful to children.

Yet Cleveland Baseball owner Larry Dolan continues to maintain he is honoring us — thinking that is as foolish as it is antiquated. This is issue is a civil rights issue. So while we have been unsuccessful to date, we need your help to continue our efforts to abolish these degrading aspects of Cleveland sports entertainment!

"Opening Day" demonstrations at "Progressive" Field have been on-going, and we hope to expand these demonstrations to include other home games. Check for demonstration dates and times. Join us!

Campaign for Dignity in Education

Status: ON-GOING

We need your help! Did you know that Ohio is number one for its offensive use of Native mascots, imagery, and references at the secondary school level? Did you know the Justice Department considers typical comments at school sporting events along the lines of "run those Indians out of town", "scalp those Indians" etc. to be possible hate crimes?

I believe that the hidden agenda behind Indian mascots and logos is about cultural, spiritual and intellectual exploitation. Therefore, the real issues are about power and control. These negative ethnic images are driven by those that want to define other ethnic groups and control their images. To me, power and control is the ability to make you believe that someone's truth is the absolute truth. Furthermore, it's the ability to define a reality and to get other people to affirm that reality as if it were their own.