For 2013 we meet the first Monday of each month in Cuyahoga County and the first Thursday of the month in Lorain County. Meetings start at 6:00pm at both locations. The purpose of these meetings — besides showing solidarity, comradery, and support — will be to plan our activities for the month; activities range in nature from supporting Native elders who may need special assistance to establishing educational events to active engagement.

We ask that everyone bring food and drink to share, and attend in the spirit of fellowship. Everyone who supports Indigenous Self-Determination is welcome, regardless of your ethnicity or tribal status. We welcome diversity.

Our goal is to organize, and meet, county-by-county. If you would like to have meetings in your county, please contact us for more information.

Cuyahoga County meeting schedule has been posted. Cuyahoga County meetings are held at the American Indian Education Center.

Lorain County meeting schedule has been posted. Lorain County meetings are held at the Oberlin Public Library.