Access 2 Clean Water campaign finishes phase one

A Lakehead University graduate is celebrating the end of the first phase of a campaign to raise awreness about the clean drinking water crisis faced by Canadian Indigenous communities.

Cramped quarters: 40 men squeeze into 3 bedrooms at Iqaluit men's shelter

Every night, at the men's shelter in Iqaluit, up to 40 men squeeze into a four-bedroom house. As if that wasn't a big enough challenge, one of those bedrooms can't be used because of problems with mold. So, dozens of men pack into the three remaining rooms, while others find space in a chair, on a couch or on the floor. The city's mayor is working to change things.

Inuk artist in Toronto for collaborative performance

An Inuk artist is in Toronto to showcase her latest collaborative performance piece. The show is a meeting of two people from the North and South of Canada that opens a discussion about identity and colonization in Canada and how to change that climate.