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Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline Challenged in Court: Youth, Environmentalists, Indigenous Rights Advocates sue to block Enbridge pipeline

December 19, 2018 - 7:23pm

  SAINT PAUL, MN -- Today, opponents of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline filed multiple lawsuits with the Court of Appeals challenging the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approval of the project. On June 28, the PUC approved Enbridge’s proposal to build a new Line 3 pipeline, which would run through Northern Minnesota and double the amount of oil running through the pipeline. The window to file an appeal opened on November 21, following the PUC doubling down on its decision by rejecting requests from intervenors to reconsider issuing the permits for the pipeline.

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I see spirits all around me now

December 19, 2018 - 5:32pm

By Arne Vainio, M.D.
News From Indian Country

He was nearing death. This moment was inevitable and he hadn’t eaten anything in the past ten days. Three days ago he started refusing water and he was intermittently awake at any time of the night or day. He had fought his cancer for as long as he could and decided to stop chemotherapy when it was making him too sick to be present for his family.

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It ain’t easy being Indian…(December 2018)

December 19, 2018 - 5:28pm

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

So here I am staring at a blinking cursor wondering if I should bring you all into my most recent misery. I was teased about needing to wear a helmet before but now I’m gonna look into it. Sigh. For the record my previous injuries happened when I was stone cold sober so don’t even go there. This time I freely admit I was buzzed up and when I went to the bathroom at the Risky Raccoon Kasino I tripped over my patent leather Doc Marten’s and went down like a tree.

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Native News Update Dec. 7 , 2018

December 8, 2018 - 2:04am

This week's stories:  Alaska tribes petition for help to obtain relief from Canada’s mine violations; Memorial and Records Repository to be build honoring Native American Purple Heart recipients; Tribal leaders from the United States testify before Canada’s National Energy Board regarding proposed pipeline expansion project; New resources developed to assist Native American communities in evaluating their vulnerability to climate change; N. Scott Momaday documentary to debut at Sundance Film Festival; Marvel superheroes reenvisioned through Native style.

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White Supremacy vs The Peacemaker

December 2, 2018 - 5:10pm

By Danny Beaton

(Turtle Clan Mohawk)


Thousands of years ago when the Haudenosaunee people were in conflict warring among each other, the Five Nations were in turmoil in North Eastern Ontario Canada and the USA territory.

Things had gotten so bad around Lake Huron the people had become cannibals, eating flesh, killing, warring with each other while creating fear and jealousy.

Lucky for the Iroquois Nation a baby was born to the neighboring tribe of the Wyandot or Huron Nation near Lake Ontario.

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Thunderbird Group Launches NTV

December 2, 2018 - 4:37pm

By Sandra Hale Schulman 

- News From Indian Country - 

I want my NTV! An all native music channel is here, thanks to the innovation of Thunderbird Group, a Native American owned company headed up by C. Pony Vigil that was formed in August 2017 in New Mexico to focus on interconnecting Native communities through film and media.

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This Mohawk is pleased with Senator Warren’s honesty on heritage

December 1, 2018 - 6:17pm

By Doug George-Kanentiio 

- Akwesasne Mohawk (NFIC) - 

In my capacity as a writer for News From Indian Country and as a former editor of the journal Akwesasne Notes, I have extensive experience in responding to those who seek affirmation of their Native ancestry.

I am pleased, as are Mohawk people, when we receive such requests, as it demonstrates a need to find often distant familial relations and to affirm what was too often obscured by government bureaucracies and reluctant church administrators, the two key sources of Native census records.

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Native News Update November 30 , 2018

November 30, 2018 - 11:08pm

This week's stories:  Cherokee Nation helps with nuclear waste removal; A California tribe launches fundraising campaign for fire victims; The eleventh tribe signs the University of Idaho’s collaborative agreement; The Menominee Nation provides the wooden flooring for the NCAA’s Final Four tournament; Famous Dave’s makes top 50 restaurant brands list in the U.S.

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Native News Update November 23 , 2018

November 23, 2018 - 9:37pm

This week's stories:  Native Network teams up with Microsoft deliver broadband internet to tribal communities in Montana and Washington; Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum receives sash that may have belongs to Chief Osceola; Pendleton Woolen Mills takes part in Giving Tuesday by contributing to the American Indian College Fund; N’we Jinan releases latest Native American youth music video; The StrongHearts Native Helpline moves its national headquarters.

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It ain't easy being Indian... (November 2018)

November 21, 2018 - 3:37pm

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

So this is my 20 year anniversary of writing my column being published, give or take a few months when I was deeply depressed; maybe like six or so at the worst. Plz don’t correct me if I’m wrong…I have issues.

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November 21, 2018 - 10:15am


Position Description

WORKING TITLE: SWMP Technician (50%)

OFFICIAL TITLE: Research Technician I

This position is a 50% University Staff Temporary appointment in Cooperative Extension, a division of the University of Wisconsin-Extension. This position will be supervised by the Reserve Manager.

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: Primarily northwest Wisconsin and northeast Minnesota, especially portions of Douglas (WI) and St. Louis (MN) Counties within the watershed of the St Louis River and boundaries of the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve.

OFFICE LOCATION: Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve (Reserve), 14 Marina Drive, Superior WI 54880

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Blackfeet Community College honors Elouise Cobell in Naming of New Building

November 20, 2018 - 7:47pm


Residents in and around Browning have long contended with lack of access to qualified healthcare professionals and services on the Blackfeet Reservation.

However, the recently opened $7.5 million Health Science & Education Building at the Blackfeet Community College (BCC) offers a long-term solution to help address these challenges. This new facility will advance training opportunities for Native American nursing and education students to meet increasing healthcare and education needs locally and throughout Montana.

On Monday, Nov. 5, the BCC held a special ceremony to name the new building in honor of Elouise Cobell, also known as Yellow Bird Woman, the late tribal elder and posthumous awardee of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Building Dedication                                     Photo contributed by MoFi

 “We believe that investing in quality health science education addresses the root cause of so many of the health disparities we see on the Blackfeet Reservation,” said BCC Interim President Carol Murray. “The new Health Science & Education Building replaces overcrowded and outdated facilities, creates capacity for more students, and attracts the faculty we need to train the next generation of healthcare professionals. It also brings us one step closer to expanding from a two-year to a four-year degree program in Education and Nursing.”

BCC named the new building Oahtkwii Piiksakii Iikohkon-Yellow Bird Woman Lodge in honor of Cobell, the late Blackfeet tribal elder, banker and rancher who was the lead plaintiff in the groundbreaking class-action lawsuit that challenged the U.S. government’s mismanagement of Native American trust funds. In 2015, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock proclaimed Nov. 5 of each year as Elouise Cobell Day in honor of Cobell’s birthday.

 Dignitaries speaking at the Naming Ceremony include Blackfeet Chief Earl Old Person, Blackfeet Tribal Business Council Chairman Tim Davis, BCC Board of Trustees Chairman James McNeely, BCC Interim President Carol Murray, Elouise Cobell’s son Turk Cobell, Blackfoot speaker and former POW Marvin Weatherwax Sr. and others.

With the support of BCC partners, BCC secured financing for the new $7.5 million Health Science and Education Building with the help of First Interstate Bank and an innovative federal program, New Markets Tax Credits, through the community-based nonprofit lender, MoFi. The New Markets Tax Credit programs help incentivize economic development projects in low-income communities around the country. MoFi works with investors to turn tax credits into cash, and then uses that cash to fund catalytic development projects.

“The opening of the Yellow Bird Woman Lodge represents the best of this community,” said Dave Glaser, President of MoFi. “We are thrilled to help finance a project that will create jobs, new facilities and, more importantly, pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for the people of Browning.”


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Walking On as listed in the November 2018 NFIC

November 20, 2018 - 7:33pm

Arizona, Klagetoh – Funeral services for Garrick L. Nez, 36, were held Sep. 29, 2018 at the Jack Benally Baptist Church in Kalagetoh.  Interment followed at the Wide Ruins community cemetery.  Garrick was born Sep. 20, 1982 in Fort Defiance, into the Ashiihi (Salt People Clan), born for Totsohnii (Bbbig Water Clan).  Garrick passed away Sep. 22, 2018 in Phoenix.

Garrick is survived by his sons, Deon, Eric, and Garrick Nez Jr.; daughter, Jayden Nez; parents, Marcilina and Gilbert Nez; brothers, Myron Yazzie, Darrick Nez, and Blaine Nez; and sister, Leah K. Nez.  He is preceded in death by his grandparents, Agnes and William Yazzie Sr. and grandmother, Marie Yazzie. (Navajo Times, October 4, 2018)

Arizona, St. Michaels – Funeral mass and service for Stephen Edward Wallace were held Oct. 5, 2018 at the Mary, Mother of Mankind Parish Church in St. Michaels, AZ.  Steve was born Mar. 31, 1943 in Pittsfield, MS.  Steve passed away Sep. 20, 2018.

Steve is survived by his wife, Laura; sons, Edward and Geoffrey Wallace; brother, Jeffrey Wallace; sisters, Sue Ann Gale and Lisa Wallace Staley; and six grandchildren.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Edward W. and Lucy T. Wallace.

Steve attended Arizona State University. (Navajo Times, October 4, 2018)

Arizona, Nazlini – Funeral service for Ryan B. Gorman, 82, was held Oct. 6, 2018 at the Nazlini Valley Bible Church.  Ryan was born Aug. 20, 1936 in Flatrock, AZ., into the Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak Wood People Clan), born for Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan).  Ryan passed away Sep. 20, 2018 in Denver.

Ryan is survived by his wife, Irene Gorman; sons, Bryan and Bruce Gorman; daughters, Shirley Watters, Carolyn Martinez, and Linda Valdez; brother, Lawrence Gorman; sisters, Alice Brown, Mary Platero, and Francis Begay; and 13 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  He is preceded in death by his son, Vincent Gorman; parents, Mary Louise and Eli Gorman; brothers, Eugene, Hosteen, and Tom Gorman; and sister, Susie Charley.

Ryan received a GED and machinist training at San Juan Vocational Technical School in Mancos, Colorado, Fort Wingate and Gallup, New Mexico. (Navajo Times, October 4, 2018)

Arizona, Mesa – Funeral services for Kent Warren Lyons, 36 were held Oct. 20, 2018 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Citrus Heights Stake.  Burial followed at the City of Mesa Cemetery.  Kent was born Oct. 17, 1981 in Gallup, into the Tabaaha (Water’s Edge Clan).  Kent passed away Oct. 4, 2018. 

Kent is survived by his daughter, Olive; parents, Verna and Warren Lyons; brothers, Chad, Trevor, and Garrett; and sister, Amber.

Kent attended Arizona State University and Brigham Young University, graduating with a degree in foreign relations.  He served a two-year mission for the LDS Church in Belgium, France, and Switzerland.  He worked on campaigns for Bennet and Worsley. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Arizona, Chinle – Funeral services for Venson Kee Yazzie, 43 were held Oct. 15, 2018 at the Chinle Potter’s House.  Interment followed at  the Chinle cemetery.  Venson was born Dec. 24, 1974, in Fort Defiance, into the Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan), born for To’ahani (Near the Water Clan).  Venson passed away Oct. 5, 2018 in Canyon de Chelly, AZ.

Venson is survived by his sons, Tyrone and Harleyquint Yazzie; daughters, Cornelia and Vanessa Yazzie; mother, Louise Thomas; father, Raymond Yazzie; brothers, Samuel, Calvin, and Leon Thomas; and sisters, Grace Hamblen and Phyllis Thomas.  He is preceded in death by Ben and Zonnie John, Samony, Chuck, Julius Thomas, and Benson Benally. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Arizona, Chinle – Funeral services for Thomas Charley Jr., 50, of Cottonwood, AZ., were held Oct. 13, 2018 at the Chinle Potter’s House.  Interment followed at the Black Mountain Cemetery.  Thomas was born Dec. 22, 1967, in Ganado, AZ., into the Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass Clan), born for Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan).  Thomas passed away Oct. 9, 2018 in Chinle.

Thomas is survived by his mother, Mary C. Charley; brothers, Virgil, Matthew, and Marcus Charley; and sister, Coranda Whitesheep.  He is preceded in death by his father, Thomas Charley Sr.; and grandparents, Zonnie and Tom Charley. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Arizona, Lupton – Funeral services for Rayven Joe, 25, were held Oct. 13, 2018 at the Tse Si Ani Baptist Church.  Interment followed at the Ashley Family Plot.  Rayven was born Jan. 13, 1993, at the Gallup Indian Medical Center, into the Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle Clan), born for Naakai dine’e (Mexican Clan).  His nali is Tsenabahilnii (Sleep Rock People); chei is Kiyaa’aanii (Towering House).  Rayven passed away Oct. 6, 2018 in Mesa, AZ.  
Rayven is survived by his parents, Ray and Carol Joe; brothers, Rueben, Rayfurt, and Rayson Joe; and sisters, Raenita and Raquel Joe. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Arizona, Indian Wells – Funeral services for Anthony Clifford Wesley, Sr., 47, of Indian Wells, were held Oct. 12, 2018 at the Broken Arrow Chapel.  Interment followed at the family plot in Indian Wells.  Anthony was born Apr. 26, 1971, in Phoenix, into the Tl’izilani (Many Goats Clan), born for Kiyaa’aanii (Towering House Clan).  Anthony passed away Oct. 7, 2018 in Phoenix.

Anthony is survived by his son, Anthony Clifford Wesley Jr.; daughter, Braelyn Wesley; father, Cecil Haskie; brother, Christopher Nez Jr.; and sisters, Irin Nolazco, Bernadette Cayer, Kim Thomas, Shannon Thomas, Roxanne Haskie, and Cecelia Light.  He is preceded in death by his grandparents, Leota Begay and John C. Helpp and Jack and Grace Haskie. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Arizona, St. Michaels – Funeral services for Clifton Team, 37, of Rough Rock, were held Oct. 25, 2018 at the Summit Funeral Home.  Burial followed in Chilchinbito, AZ.  Clifton was born Aug. 6, 1981, in Fort Defiance, into the To’ahani (Near the Water Clan), born for Ashiihi (Salt People Clan).  Clifton passed away Oct. 20, 2018, in Flagstaff.

Clifton is survived by his sons, Leighton, Clayton, and Clifton Team Jr.; daughter, Kourtynie Team; mother, Shirley Blueeyes; brothers, Eli Scott and Daren Team; sister, Crystal Tso; and grandmother, Mary James Benally.  He is preceded in death by Danny Team and Clinton Team.

Clifton was a certified carpenter/mechanic and pipeliner.  He was employed with Harpole Construction and TRC. (Navajo Times, October 25, 2018)

Arizona, Fish Point – Funeral services for Edward Mike, 86, of Fish Point, AZ., were held Oct. 23, 2018 at the Black Mountain Mission Church.  Interment followed at the family plot.  Edward was born July 4, 1932, in Blue Gap, AZ., into the Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass Clan), born for Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House Clan).  Edward passed away Oct. 17, 2018 in Chinle.

Edward is survived by his son, David B. Mike; daughters, Ladina Sam, Lola Bronston, Flo Anspach, Verna J. Begaye, Lena Summers, Anna Mike and Martha Charley; brothers, Kee Yazzie Begaye and Mike Lee Begaye; sisters, Jeanette Francis, Debbie Blueeyes, and Alenia Segaye; and 13 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.  He is preceded in death by his wife, Hazel B. Mike; brothers, Kee and David Mike; granddaughter, Tamara F. Charley; and grandson, Isaac Summers. (Navajo Times, October 25, 2018)

Arizona, Houck – Funeral services for Leroy Tom Hoskie, 57, of Sanders, AZ., were held Oct. 22, 2018 at the Good News Mission Church in Houck.  Interment followed at the Houck cemetery.  Leroy was born Jan. 9, 1961, in Gallup, into the Honaghaahnii (One-walks-around Clan), born for Kinlichii’nii (Red House People Clan).  Leroy passed away Oct. 11, 2018 in Salt Lake City.

Leroy is survived by his wife, Marlene Ross; sons, Nikki, Rikki, Rodney, Derrick, Erick Hoskie, and Tommy Ross; daughter, Samatha Iashie; brothers, Bertram, Ferlin, Johnathan, and Herman Hoskie and Junior Jones; sisters, Matilda Hoskie, Silva Riley, and Loretta Cheney; and 10 grandchildren.  He is preceded in death by his mother, Virgina Fatty; father, John Hoskie; Marjorie and Jasper Hoskie.

Leroy served in the U.S. Army for three years. (Navajo Times, October 25, 2018)

California, Daly City – Funeral services for Leo Shirley, 79, of Deer Springs/Sawmill, AZ and San Francisco, were held Oct. 12, 2018 at Duggan’s Serra Mortuary.  Interment followed at the Holly Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA.  Leo was born July 24, 1939 in Ganado, AZ., into the Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass-Jemez Clan), born for Tachii’nii (Red Running Into the Water People Clan).  Leo passed away Oct. 2, 2018, in San Francisco.

Leo is survived by his wife, Katherine Hotch Shirley; sons, Randy Shirley and Julius Shanchez; daughters, Darlene Navarro, Tricia Shirley, and Lynn Truong; and three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  He is preceded in death by his son, Leo Roy Shirley; parents, Juan and Mary Morgan Shirley; brothers, Kee Chee Morgan, Ben Shirley, and Paul Shirley Sr.; sisters, Nellie Big House Begay and Hazel Day Shirley-Foster; and grandparents, Denetsosie and Yanabah Shirley. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Minnesota, Redby – An overnight wake for Brandon Louis Fontenelle, “Bidweweyaasin”, which means “The Sound before the Wind”, 44, was held Oct. 14, 2018 and continued until his traditional service Oct. 15, 2018 at New Redby Community Center.  Interment followed in the family burial grounds at Shemahgun, MN.  Brandon was born Aug. 21, 1974 in Red Lake, MN., to Emmett and Peggy (Donnell) Fontenelle-Young.  Brandon passed away Oct. 8, 2018 at home.

Brandon is survived by his wife, Leah Fontenelle; children, Bria, Annmarie and Louis; step-children, Richard and Angela; mother; brothers, Shannon and Donnie; sisters, Marie and Roxanne; grandchildren, Kyleigh, Aubrina, Julianna and Winter; special brothers, Darren and Anthony King; nieces and nephews, Shannon Nicole Haven, Matthew Fontenelle and Ethan Bailey; mother-in-law, Myrna; and numerous family and friends.  He is preceded in death by his father; grandparents, Louis and Jane Donnell, Theodore Edaakie and Dorothy Mahooty; uncles, Leon, Charlie, Rusty and Willard Donnell, Robert and Vance Fontenelle; aunts, Bernadine Thunder, Sharon Barrett, Antoinette and Lisa Fontenelle. (The Red Lake Nation, October 26, 2018)

Montana, Hardin – A memorial service for Marie Ann Nelson Scott, 75, was held Oct. 3, 2018   at Bullis Mortuary in Hardin, MT.  Marie was born Aug. 18, 1943, in Ganado, AZ.

Marie is survived by her sisters, Wilma (Ernie) Storm, Gladys (Willie) Fisher, and Adrie Fisher; brothers, Michael and Fred Nelson; children, Marchelle (Sarah Takes Horse) Nelson, Gilbert Scott III, Chris (Cleora) Scott Sr., and Daniel (Varina) Scott; and nine grandchildren.  She is preceded in death by her husband, Gilbert Scott II; parents, Dick Nelson and Beatrice Talliman; sister, Thelma Louise; brothers, Evens, Henry, and Christopher; and son, Daniel George.

Marie attended Haskell in Lawrence, Kansas and acquired the education that led to 37 years of service with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in realty. (Navajo Times, October 4, 2018)

New Mexico, Gallup – Funeral services for Suzette Maria Smith (aka DJ Black Widow), 33, were held Oct. 5, 2018 at Rollie Maortuary.  Burial followed at the Rehoboth cemetery in Rehoboth, NM.  Suzette was born June 17, 1985, into the Tachii’nii (Red Running Into the Water People Clan), born for Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan).  Her nali is Todich’ii’nii/Kiyaa’aanii (Towering House); chei is Tachii’nii/Bow String Society. Suzette passed away Sep. 29, 2018.

Suzette is survived by her mother, Susan Cometsevah; father, Darryl Smith; brothers, Sheldon and Brandon Barber; and grandparents, Virginia Cometsevah and Darlene and David Smith.  She is preceded in death by her brother, Adrian M. Smith; uncles, Raymond and Michael Cometsevah; and grandfather, Authur Cometsevah. (Navajo Times, October 4, 2018)

New Mexico, Tohatchi – Funeral services for Edwin Allison, 56, were held Oct. 10, 2018 at St. Mary’s Mission in Tohatchi.  Interment followed at the family plot, El Paso Plant, in Tohatchi.  Edwin was born Apr. 11, 1962, in Fort Defiance, into the Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan), born for Todich’ii’nii.  Edwin passed away Oct. 7, 2018 in Tohatchi.

Edwin is survived by Barbara Olvera, Edwina, Elmer, Eugenia, Erwin, Eldred, Elaine, and Earlando Allison.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Betty Jane and Edward Allison. (Navajo Times, October 11, 2018)

New Mexico, Cubero – Funeral service for Dollie Parrish Purley, 77, was held Oct. 6, 2018 at the Laguna Acoma Baptist Church in Cubero, NM.  Dollie was born Apr. 8, 1941, in Ganado, AZ., into the Ashiihi (Salt People Clan), born for Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan).  Dollie passed away Sep. 29, 2018, in Gallup, NM.

Dollie is survived by her daughter, Sydney Purley; and four grandchildren.

Dollie was employed with the Indian Health Service for 25 years. (Navajo Times, October 11, 2018)

New Mexico, Gallup – Funeral services for Carmelita Harker, 63, were held Oct. 13 at Rollie Mortuary.  Carmelita was born Mar. 13, 1955 in Fort Defiance, into the To’aheedliinii (The Water Flow Together Clan), born for Zuni.  Carmelita passed away Oct. 9, 2018 in Oakland, CA.

Carmelita is survived by her daughter, Michelle Lonjose; mother, Estelle Harker; sisters, Norma Halona and Marcella Harker-Jones; and brother, Jerry Harker.  She is preceded in death by her father, Larry Harker Sr.; and brother, Larry Harker Jr.

Carmelita attended Laney College in Oakland.  She worked data entry jobs and as a technician of Medical Transplant Services in San Francisco. (Navajo Times, October, 18, 2018)

Wisconsin, Green Bay – A Celebration of Life for Kathy Vann, 76, of Green Bay, WI., was held Oct. 12, 2018, at the Holy Cross Church in Green Bay.  Burial followed in Green Bay.  Kathy was born June 2, 1942 in Kewaunee, WI.  Kathy passed away Oct. 6, 2018 in Green Bay.

Kathy is survived by her daughters, Elaina Vann and Leah James; mother, Marie Van Dam; brother, Paul Van Dam; and four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  She is preceded in death by her father, Leo Van Dam; and husband, Lafel Vann.

Kathy received a bachelor’s degree in education and taught for 45 years with BIA in Greasewood and Toyei, AZ., and Ganado Unified School District. (Navajo Times, October 11, 2018)

Wisconsin, Crandon – Services for Georgianne L. Shockto, 50, of Crandon, were held Oct. 3, 2018 at the Lake Lucerne Gospel Chapel.  Burial followed at the Potawatomi Tribal Cemetery, Crandon.  Georgianne was born Sep. 16, 1968 in Rhinelander to LeRoy Shockto Jr. and Ruth Monomin.  Georgianne passed away Sep. 29, 2018 at the Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff.

Georgianne is survived by her husband, James Einertson; daughters, Heather Shockto, Joyce Einertson, and Leah Larock; sisters, Mary Shockto, Agnes (Joseph) Brown, Francine (Jeremy) VanZile.  She is preceded in death by her father; sister, Theodora Shockto; and brother, LeRoy Shockto Jr. (Potawatomi Traveling Times, October 15, 2018)

Wisconsin, Crandon – Graveside service for Brandon Lee Synol, 41, of Cecil was held Oct. 12, 2018 at Lake View Cemetery.  Brandon was born May 19, 1977, in Medford, WI., to Sharon (Shawano) and Richard Synol.  Brandon passed away Oct. 6, 2018 at home.

Brandon is survived by his children, Keyyanna (Kyle) Synol-Anderson, Alexander, Jade and Crystal Synol; and four grandchildren, Avah, Kaiden, Aushra, Asher and one on the way; mother, Sharon (Michael) Hurkmans; and sister, Audra (David) Synol-Kruger; and former wife, Brenda Synol.  He is preceded in death by his father. (Potawatomi Traveling Times, November 1, 2018)

Wisconsin, Hayward - The Funeral Service for Beulah M. Tosland, age 81, of Hayward, WI was held Nov.  6, 2018 at Pineview Funeral Service in Hayward.  Burial followed in Signor Cemetery.  Beulah was born December 4, 1936 in Hayward, WI to James and Aileen (White) Hart.  Beulah passed away Nov. 1, 2018 at Hayward Health Services

Beulah is survived by her son, Larry Tosland; daughters, Joleen (Ronnie) Gokey, Laurie Franklin and Mary Harry; grandchildren, Heather Gokey and Lori & Cody Potack, Josie & Christy Tosland, and Samuel, Ruthanna & Sara Harry; great grandchildren, Evan Yanez & Lillyanna Jack-Tosland; and many nephews & nieces.

Beulah was preceded in death by her parents; common law husband, Bob Moss; sister, JoAnn; brothers, Joe & Raymond Hart.

Beulah worked for Minneapolis Northwest Linen and as a babysitter and in the laundry at Hayward Hospital.

Wisconsin, Hayward - A Memorial Mass for Patrick H. Trepanier “Makwa Gabow”, 79, of Hayward was held Nov. 8, 2018 at St. Francis Solanus Indian Mission in Reserve.  Patrick Henry was born Jan. 23, 1939 in Hayward, WI to Walter and Frances (Isham) Trepanier.  Patrick passed away Nov. 1, 2018, surrounded by his family at home.

Patrick is survived by his sons, Paul S., Pat B, Paul A., William J., and Troy K; daughters, Starr Crosby and Katie Fleming; his lifelong partner, Mikki Trepanier; 25 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren; sisters, Roberta Essex, Cyrilla Streubel; and many nephews and nieces.  He is preceded in death by his parents Walter & Frances; grandson Shane Patrick Trepanier; brothers Irv, Joe, Jack Pine, Ted, Jerome, Al & Kenny; sisters Mary White, Edna Murphy, Loretta Martinson & Mary Francis Trepanier.

He spent ten years in the US Navy as a machinist, steam fitter and a logger for many years.

Wisconsin, Oneida – Visitation with the Oneida Hymn Singers for Jonathon C. Tubby, Laluntate’kha “He’s Burning Logs”, 26 was held Oct. 25, 2018 and continued through the night until Oct. 26, 2018 until Traditional Longhouse Ceremonies.   Jonathon was born Dec. 24, 1991 to Nina Kay Hellendrung and Dean “Cubby” Tubby.  Jonathon passed away Oct. 19, 2018.

Jonathon is survived by his parents; grandmother, Yvonne Jourdan; grandfather, Dean Tubby Sr.; grandpa, Robert Hellendrung; siblings, Cree, Jaxon, Katarena, Alexander, Justice, Madison and Michael; aunts and uncles, Susan (Arlie) Doxtator, Michelle (John) Nicholas, Kristina (Brandon) Metoxen, Sarah Wunderlich, Rita Thornton and Theresa Thornton; girlfriend, Ronni John; numerous cousins and friends; and his Choctaw Family in Mississippi and his Oneida Ontario family.  He is preceded in death by his great-grandmother, Alma (Baird) Thorton, great-grandparents, Henry and Mary Jourdan; grandparents, Virginia and Leon Mahkimetas; friend, Jerry Smith and other family members. (Kalihwisaks, November 1, 2018)

Wisconsin, Oneida – Visitation for Erwin “Fox” J. Christjohn, 86, was held Oct. 21, 2018 with the Oneida Hymn Singers and continued Oct. 22, 2018 at the funeral home until the funeral was celebrated at the Church of the Holy Apostles in Oneida.  Burial followed in the parish cemetery with Full Military Rites.  Erwin was born Mar. 26, 1932 in Madison to Harold and Frances Christjohn.  Erwin passed away Oct. 18, 2018.  

Erwin is survived by his wife, Karen Christjohn; sons, Daniel, Tom (Lori), David, Timothy Sr., and Keven Christjohn; grandchildren, Daniel Jr., Kayla Marie, Marissa May, Leia Ann, Jacob Thomas, Jacinto, Fox Paul, Timothy Jr., Aaron, and Tyler; six great-grandchildren; and goddaughter, Debbie Wilbur.  He is preceded in death by his parents; grandmother, Lucy Christjohn; aunts and uncles.

Erwin was a Korean War vet serving in the U.S Navy and earning The Purple Heart.  (Kalihwisaks, November 1, 2018)

Wisconsin, Oneida – Visitation for Jeffrey Alan Thomas, 55, was held Nov. 4, 2018 at Ryan Funeral Home with Oneida Hymn Singer and a prayer service.  Jeffrey was born Dec. 30, 1962 in Green Bay to Gary E. and Theresa (Doxtator) Thomas.  Jeffrey passed away Oct. 23, 2018.

Jeffrey is survived his daughters, Courtney and Shauna; step-daughters, Jessica and Rita; long time friend, Bonnie; and brothers, and sisters; nine grandchildren and many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and other family members.  He is preceded in death by his parents; and other family members.

Jeffrey served in the U.S. Army. (Kalihwisaks, November 1, 2018)

Wisconsin, Oneida – Visitation for Dale Cornelius, 58, of Oneida was held Oct. 13, 2018 until the time of service.  Dale was born Nov. 3, 1959 to Nancy Louise (Hill) Metoxe and Forrest Cornelius.  Dale passed away Oct. 5, 2018.

Dale is survived by eight children, Tracy, Lisa, Alex, Shane, Derek, Nathan, Larrisa and Amanda; grandchildren; sibling, Carol, Joyce, Allen, Amanda, Lorenzo, Ramon and Margarita; numerous nieces, nephews and friends.  He is preceded in death by his parents; and sisters, Linda and Jacquelyn.  (Kalihwisaks, November 1, 2018)

Wisconsin, Oneida – Visitation for Kathryn Rose LeMieux, 65, of Frederic, WI., was held Oct. 3, 2018 with the funeral following at the Rowe Funeral Home.  Kathryn was born Mar. 8, 1953 in Door County to John and Mary (Huff) LeMieux.  Kathryn passed away Sep. 30, 2018 at Frederic Nursing and Rehab.

Kathryn is survived by her significant other, John Simmerman; mother; son, Raymond Merrill (Karen); daughter, Lydia Merrill (Chad); grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She is preceded in death by her brothers, Kenny and Ed; sister, Marie; son, Russell Merrell Jr.; father; and stepfather, Ronald Martin. (Kalihwisaks, November 1, 2018)

Wisconsin, OneidaDorothy D. Winze (Meade), 84, was born July 4, 1934 in Milwaukee.  Dorothy passed away Sep. 14, 2018.  

Dorothy is survived by her children, Stephan (Stephanie), Catherine (Thomas) Sheets and Karen; grandchildren, Joseph (Christy), Jessica, Sarah Quinn, Stephen, Lindsey and Nicholas (Andrea); great-grandchildren, Stephanie, William, Nora, Lillian, Lauren Dell, Michael and Ella; sisters, Mary (Jack) and Carol (Ray); nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.  She is preceded in death by her husband, Carl; 1 brother and 3 sisters. (Kalihwisaks, November 1, 2018)



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Canada Legalized Marijuana: How Will it Affect Native People?

November 20, 2018 - 7:11pm

by Doug George-Kanentiio
 -News From Indian Country(#NFIC)-

On October 17th Canada entered a new phase in its history when the personal possession of marijuana became legal.

The enactment of Bill C-45 means an individual over 21 may have in their public possession up to 30 grams (1 ounce) of marijuana which can also be made into food such as cookies.

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Native News Update November 16 , 2018

November 17, 2018 - 10:01pm

This week's stories:  The Cherokee make history with the first medical school on tribal land; #MeToo and #TimesUp – Remembering Misty Upham; Dreamcatcher Bios a 13-part documentary series on APTN; Cherokee Nation Businesses signs on as presenting sponsor of the Native Business Summit; “Crow: The Legend” premieres on YouTube and Facebook.

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Native News Update November 9 , 2018

November 9, 2018 - 11:38pm

This week's stories:  History is made with the election of two Native American women to Congress; The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma receives award for language revitalization; Google Doodle highlights Native American woodcarver; Nike N7 releases 2018 collection inspired by rapper Taboo; Midnight Shine releases debut music video.

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Did my grandfather vote?

November 5, 2018 - 11:54am

By Arne Vainio, M.D.
News From Indian Country

My Ojibwe grandfather was taken from his family when he was young and was put into a boarding school. I don’t have many details and he never wanted to talk about it. Ojibwe was his first language, but he didn’t speak it around his grandchildren as he didn’t want us to be treated the way he was. Like all the children taken, he had his hair cut off, his clothes and any traditional items destroyed and he was given a uniform. He was beaten for speaking Ojibwe. The few times he did mention it were with bitterness.

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Native News Update November 2 , 2018

November 3, 2018 - 12:57am

This week's stories:  Winona LaDuke’s ‘Honor the Earth’ teams up with ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s; Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese signed to star and direct in “Killers of the Flower Moon”; “Your Name Isn’t English” a short film by Tazbah Rose Chavez premieres in LA; Nike N7 partners for the seventh year with college basketball teams to celebrates Native American Heritage Month; Billy Ray Cyrus joins the StandNVote campaign concert series in North Dakota.

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The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project should be ashamed

October 31, 2018 - 6:04pm

By Doug George-Kanentiio
- News From Indian Country(NFIC) -

Rather than celebrate 60 years of generating what it calls “environmentally and socially conscious” hydro-electricity that entity, composed of the New York Power Authority and the Ontario Power Generation company should have used the event to express their regret and concern as to the enormous harm the Robert Saunders Dam and the Seaway itself have caused to the Mohawk people, to the area’s water and to its air and land.

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GLIFWC: Climate change could be changing the face of Indian Country and the World

October 29, 2018 - 7:29pm

As part of IndianCountryTV’s work with First Nations Experience (FNX) this interview was produced early this year at Odanah, Wisconsin.

Paul DeMain: Introduce yourself? Tell us your name and your title and a little bit about what your official position is at Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission?

Hannah: So my name is Hannah Panci. I’m a scientist in the Climate Change Program at the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. I’ve been there for two and a half years now. We have a new climate change program, as of two years ago. We have five climate change staff, and we’re all tasked with figuring out what climate change might do to the resources in this area, that tribes depend on and how tribes might be able to adapt in the future.

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